Shubhra Vandit, Producer, Director, Screenwriter

Having lived in Europe and The Americas, working with multiple International Production Companies, Shubhra has his expertise in International Film Budgeting and Production, helping filmmakers meet their artistic goals within their budget expectations. Many of his own films have won International Best Film Awards. He is a regular invitee to A list Film Festivals like Cannes Film Festival, Berlinale, Karlovy Vary amongst others.

Seema Khinchi, Producer, Stylist

Seema is the founder of Leaping Frog Co, Eskimo, Aura and Rasta Fairy. With her expertise in advertising and the glamour industry by having successfully running Leaping Frog, an advertising agency and production house, she incorporated Aura, a Beauty Aesthetics Clinic. An International Award Winning Producer, having an eye for exceptional locations, wardrobe and cast, she steers the visual storytelling of the film.

Mathias Schwerbrock, Producer – Germany

Based in Berlin, Mathias is an ace Film producer who’s worked with leading film productions like ‘Man in the High Castle’, ‘The Cakemaker’ which won The Ophir (Israeli Oscar), Excel Entertainment’s Don 2, and Nadiadwala’s Time Please.

Jimmy Ferguson, Producer, DOP, Director – USA

Jimmy is an international award winning Producer, DOP and Director based in New York City. His Belgian -Columbian – American roots speak through the films he makes. Talk about being International!

Neeraj Kumar, Producer – Bulgaria

Neeraj Bambini is a producer and businessman in Bulgaria. Having lived in Bulgaria for over 3 decades, he has an expertise of the Balkan region’s culture and the film funds. With his network of producers and film studios, he caters to the entertainment industry for the Balkan region.

Bosko Savkovic, Producer – Serbia

With decades behind him in the film industry, Bosko is a legend in his own right. His films have been screened and won awards Internationally. He is the president of the Silafest International Film Festival, Serbia.

Wu Lang, Director, Screenwriter – China

A graduate of the Beijing Film School, Wu ‘Rosa’ is an expert in screenwriting and script mentorship.

Nadia Bastarrachea, Producer – Mexico

Nadia is a producer based in Mexico. Based in the heart of Central America, she’s worked on a number of leading productions in Mexico and other Latin American countries.